Sunday, October 05, 2008

lazy sunday night

Oh goodness, I'm pooped. I finished the 5K yesterday. More about that later.

We just got home from visiting the in-laws in Goldsboro for an Engagement party. We're catching up on old episodes of Rock the Reception. Have you seen this show? It's a trip. Couples get together with the hip hop choreographers from So You Think You Can Dance to choreograph a crazy reception dance.

At our wedding, we took the traditional route and danced the foxtrot to "I'll Be Loving You Always." It was my grandparents song. When my grandpa was in the war he proposed to my grandma in a letter and mentioned and said that their song was playing on the radio while he wrote it. It was nice and lovely.

Tonight we decided on our Rock the Reception song and dance team. I think we'd do Toxic because nothing says forever like Britney Spears.

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Jules said...

congrats on the race girl!!! you did awesome! I am so glad I got to see you there!

send me the pic of us!!!