Sunday, October 19, 2008

riddle me this

I have a hypothetical question for you. Say someone who got married about 16 months ago and received several towels as wedding and shower gifts. This pretend person has never used said towels because she wants to monogram them and isn't sure if it's better to wash them beforehand or take them before being washed. She may have been overwhelmed by the events of her first year of marriage. What if her husband broke his femur a month after their honeymoon and her mother in law had breast cancer. Or, perhaps she had to find a new job and then really didn't like it that much so had to search for and find a different job. Or, she might just have adopted a crazy dog who always keeps her busy. Maybe she is trying to get fit and wanted to run her first 5K. Any number of these things could have occupied our hypothetical bride's time, but now she's ready to stop using the mismatched towels of her and her spouse's collective past and ready to pull a nice new monogrammed towel out when she needs to dry her fanny. What would you tell this pretend girl? Should she wash then monogram or vice versa?


Lauren said...

I have always heard to wash and then monogram in case the towels shrink. Otherwise, the fabric around the monogram might be kind of wrinkly.

I hope you had a nice weekend!

Heidi said...

I called my mom...she is a seamstress and does lots of towel monogramming. She said definitely wash before monogramming. Then if there is any shrinkage, it will not affect the monogram itself!

Jules said...

they say to wash clothes before you have them altered...but washing before monogrammimng towels is not necessary...if you order towels online from horchow or whereever (they have great deals and free mono on RLP towels) they do not wash before the need to wash.
Hypothetically... :)

Jules said...

but do what you want...I alwasy order towels on line and they are not washed before the mONO...but it can't hurt to wash them I guess.