Tuesday, April 03, 2007

china, and crystal, and stainless, oh my!

Since I posted the silver, I figured I'd share the rest of our fanciness...

Our formal china-(Take note, ours is actually VERY reasonably priced for a place setting.)
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Our accent plates-Holiday and Everyday
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And, finally, our crystal-not sure if you can tell, but there are actually little polka dots around the rim...they look nice with the china.
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These are all supposedly "fancy" items, but who can say what you'll want when you're an old lady? This is the only time I get to make a huge gift list just for ME--oh yeah, him too ;) And, all of my stuff seems to always be on sale!

I put it in the title, but forgot it in the post...and I know you all can't stand it any longer. The stainless flatware, because it will be forty years before we have any silver, and while I'm trying to lose weight, a girl's gotta eat!
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Evelyn said...

My mom has the same stainless. It's nice.

Btw, did you know I found you on the internet??

Joy said...

very very pretty. Classic. I probably won't register for China merely because my mom has her own and her mother's to give to me. Otherwise, I totally would.

And you know, being a bride is your chance to be the girliest girl with a big wish list and have everything you want. And more.

amanda said...

How did you find me? How long have you been lurking?


Preppy Wedding said...

It looks great! Oh and the wedding after-party was at Havana 59 - the best mojitos in Richmond!