Friday, April 13, 2007

computer geek

I'm pretty a pretty quick study when it comes to technological things. I can program ANY vcr like a champ (sidenote, clearly I'm not that technical since I still use a vcr and not a dvr or tivo, but yes, I do know how to work those too.) I'm good at figuring out how to install things and put things togther and I like that sort of stuff. But, I'm here to make a confession, I do not know how to use a scanner. Correction, I did not know how to use a scanner.

For the past several days I've been trying to figure out how to use the scanner at work so that I can begin to compile photos for our rehearsal dinner slide show. Fortunately I convinced Mrs. L to do this task herself for all of my fiance's photos so I don't have to do those too. I have tried two different scanners and could not figure out how to work them. Normally, at this point, I would turn to the manual, but alas these are not my scanners, so there is no manual to turn to. Each time I tried I encountered a different problem. How do I get just the picture to save, not the whole blank screen? How do I save it as a jpg file and not a bitmap or an adobe file? How do I crop it? How do I turn it on? But, finally today I mastered the scanner. Well, perhaps master is a little too strong of a word. Today I scanned a picture, got rid of the rest of the screen, and saved it as a jpg file. So, 1 down, 85 more to go, then I just have to choose which pictures I want to use, put them in order and send them off by the end of the month.

Dear readers, for your viewing pleasure, the first real photo of me on this blog...enjoy.
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