Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Y'all come

We mailed out our wedding invitations on Sunday. It was quite ceremonious. Fred and I placed the invitations in the mailbox while my mom took pictures. Mom realized on Monday that we'd put them in the metered mailbox. oops. Now we're waiting to see what happens.

Our wedding is June 23rd, so we made the RSVP date June 14th. This is perhaps a bit early, but we have to let our reception site know our final count a week in advance, and we need a week to call the slackers who didn't rsvp. So.

We've recently been cursing the USPS. Of course, when we really think about it it is quite wonderful that they'll take my silly little greeting card all of the way across the country for $0.39, and they're really still being generous when they bump that price to $0.41 on May 14th, but in this particular circumstance, we're feeling quite screwed.

The USPS is actually giving a discount for overweight envelopes and reducing the price once you go over the $0.41 allowed weight. But, because we're mailing our invites out before the price increase, we still have the pay the higher rate.

However, since our rsvps are due after the 14th, we're also paying the higher rate for those. So, we're taking it in both ends. Clearly, Uncle Sam is excited about our nuptuals.

They don't have the new $0.41 love stamps out yet, so we had to use these.
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Not my favorite, but better than the ones with lady liberty. Plus, they look kind of old and classic.

When we went to weigh the stuffed invitations we found that we had two choices,
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or Martin Luther King. Don't get me wrong, MLK is wonderful, but we decided not to spotlight him on our wedding day. Unfortunately, the overpriced love stamps, only come in a bundle with the regular priced love stamps. Handy, right? Except when the USPS is robbing you blind! So, we splurged and bought the packet and now we're selling the $0.39 purple love stamps to anyone and everyone who needs to mail something by May 14th as we have a suprlus of 150 or so. Any takers?


Joy said...

I never would have thought about the whole stamp rate changing before the RSVP's are due. Crazy. And annoying for you, I suppose.

I got mine in the mail yesterday. I hadn't even looked at the stamp on the reply card yet. Or didn't notice. I did notice that the wedding stamps were the same as Mandy's (because that's what the postal office has), so I just assumed (forgetting about the rate change) that the reply cards were the purple 39 cent ones. Funny.

Melissa said...

Your wedding is the day before my first anniversary! Hooray! You'll be basking in your day-after-the-wedding happiness while I'm eating stale, freezer-burned wedding cake. Good times.

sarah said...

Oh! I am so glad you are POed about this too! I was so upset. My RSVP date is May 16th - 2 days after the May 14th stamp increase. So, I sent the lovely wedding stamp on the outside and the hideious old timey stamp on the RSVP envelope. Doesn't the post office know there are anal brides out there that really need the new wedding stamps NOW! :)