Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Silver Belle

My fiance, I should give him a cute name huh?, and I registered back in December at our local department store. In Charlotte, this store has really gotten huge and it's the only department store in the small town where he grew up, so when it came to our fancy stuff, we knew we were headed to Belk.

A lot of my friends have recently been saying that they're not going to register for formal china. Fine. So you don't throw a lot of parties. So it's just not you fine. It's not me either, but I want it to be, so I did. Actually, I think it actually is already me a little bit, it's just that I don't have the space or cash to assume my full identity just yet. I'm sort of like a superhero. I am Martha in disguise.

We started with the silver, because there weren't as many options in silver as there were in china, crystal, etc and we don't like a lot of options. We think we do, but we don't. Options overwhelm us. We chose a pattern that reminded us of my engagement ring. It's engraved. I love it. The name of the pattern is Kirk-Stieff Old Maryland Engraved.

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Silver is expensive. But, the fiance and I discussed the fact that we probably won't get much of it for a while. We'll add to it as we go along and maybe we'll have it all right before we die. Then we can pass it on to our children, or they can use it to pay for our funerals.

Mrs. L (the future mother in law) loves the few pieces of silver she got so much that she's used them at every meal I've eaten with them. She always tells me she wishes she bought more pieces when they were $9 a piece instead of $70. So, we chose silver and I love it.

A few nights ago while we were eating with my midwestern aunt, we were discussing the registry. She has offered to give us her china. I told her I'd still take it even if we do complete our pattern. Then, she mentioned she had inherited my great Aunt's silver. She said, I could give it to you, but you already registered for some. I originally debated purchasing silver at an estate sale, but I hear that it's hard to come by these days and I loved our pattern so we scanned away. However, as I mentioned before, since we'll only be able to eat the last supper on it, I told my aunt I'd still love to have her's.

"I'm sure someone will get you some. How much does a place setting cost?", she said.

"I don't know how much it is for a place setting." I replied, "but it's..."

She interjected "well, what about..."

And I continued, "about 69 dollars"

And she cut me off again, "oh yeah, people will definitely get you that!"

And I finally finished, "for a fork."

The she and fiance both chimed in, "FOR A FORK?!?!"

After a long discussion about my highschool friend whose silver pattern was started when she was young and completed on her 18th birthday, I concluded by reminding her that I was certain she'd paid at least thirty dollars for the necklace she was wearing.

"Yes" She agreed.

"Well if you melted that you could make the bowl of a spoon. You'd still need a handle, that would be another thirty. That means it's only $10 for the engraving. That's a steal!"

They laughed, but remained unconvinced.

Fiance could not believe we had these items on our registry and wondered what people would think when they saw them. (I guess he forgot the moment when we picked them out together.)

"I didn't know you'd turned into such a little Southern Belle" my aunt said.

Finally I silenced them with a phrase I have not used once during my wedding planning, but may have to start. "We're keeping them on the registry because I like them and I'm the BRIDE and I said so!"

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