Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Have you ever tried to post something on a blog (no, okay, I'm the only nerd in the room today), or make a payment online, or something of that nature, and gotten a prompt to enter a series of letters or numbers that let the computer know you are a real human and not a secret virus attempting to pay other people's sprint bill? Those things are so random. Who comes up with them? Today, poor Joy has lost something very important, and I was writing to get her to spill the beans on what it is and after three failed attempts, I was finally allowed to post by typing oombrlbaa--i mean, seriously, what is that? That sounds like a magic wand spell from Harry Potter, or perhaps something a witch would shout right before she killed you OOMBRLBAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or like the name of one of those giant purses celebrities are carrying these days. I tell you, those celebrities and their 8 million dollar 39 gallon purses, what will they think of next. But, anyway, who comes up with these codes? I want that job. Or, actually, you know who would be great at that job, my finace. Freddie would rock at that job. He loves to make fun of how quickly I type, by rapidly slamming his keys all over the keyboard. I bet he could come up with some great codes. I don't know if he knows how to make them all slanty and blurry though.
For your viewing pleasure, I was hoping to post a picture of Jessica Simpson carrying the new Prada Oombrlbaa, but I don't know how to post pictures on here. so sad.

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