Tuesday, July 25, 2006

no wonder

Yesterday I went crazy with domesticity. Perhaps something in me was preparing for soon to be status as "wife", I don't know, but I went crazy. The house I'm sitting has a great kitchen, so when I finished preparing dinner, I decided to try a weight watchers recipe for chocolate chip cookies. After I made the cookies, I was a little afraid they might be nasty and I had a lot of chips left, so I went ahead and made a batch of full fat ones too. I creamed, beat, mixed, and scooped for an hour and half and then I felt inspired to tackle the pile of laundry and the stack of dishes. When I was finished my back hurt so much, I couldn't enjoy the mound of crispy cookies and clean laundry. My back kept hurting into the night and today when I went to fold the clothes in the dryer it started screaming again.
A little while ago, I dug through the mail, hunting for my post card from Switzerland, and found a catalog along the lines of those catalogs on the airplane---you know the ones with all sorts of inventions to tackle the inconveniences of life you didn't even know existed. In one picture was a toilet with a pedal...huh? Intrigued, I read on, this handy little toilet attachment is targeted toward those germ freaks who don't want to touch the handle of their own toilet, but it has added benefits. Apparently, it promises to cure joint and back pain! Who knew that I was causing so much damage to my back by simply flushing the toilet. And to think I actually thought it was from hunching over all day! I'm so glad I found that magazine!

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