Tuesday, July 18, 2006

my simple life

my simple life
I was driving back to Winston on Saturday after my relaxing vaca to the Dominican Republic (more on that later) when I heard the dj talking about Paris Hilton---I was kind of zoned out, so I didn't realize she said the next song was by Paris Hilton. When that fact dawned on me while listening to the song, I sat there kind of irritated. Paris Hilton thinks she's so wonderful and what has she done? She's just become famous because she has enough money to go out and party all of the time. She can't seem to maintain any kind of a relationship. She has a body I could never even dream of having, but really, is her face that pretty? I remembered hearing a while back that both Paris and Nicole were planning on recording and at first thought Nicole probably had a chance (although I forgot that she isn't genetically related to Lionel), but Paris' talking voice is so horrible and squeaky it didn't seem like she'd have a chance without serious editing. Then my mind wandered to the possibility that if I had endless money to work with, my voice could probably be tweaked enough to record a successful album (I do a lot of thinking in the car). But, you want to know the worst part about this whole listening episode? I actually liked the song. I'm waiting to hear it again :)
Stars are Blind
I don't mindspending some timejust hanging here with you'cuz I don't find/ too many guysthat treat me like you do. Those other guys all want to take me for a ridebut when I walk they talk of a suicidesome people never get beyond their stupid pridebut you can see the real me insideand I'm satisfiedoh no, oh-ohCHORUSEven though the guys are crazyEven though the stars are blindIf you show me real love, baby, I'll show you mineI can make you nice and naughty, be the devil and angel, tooGot a heart and soul and bodyLet's see what this love can do-oooBaby I'm perfect for youAh-ah-ah-ahI could be your confidantJust one of your girlfriendsBut I know that's not what you wantIf tomorrow the world endsWhy shouldn't we be with the one we really love?Now tell me who have you been dreaming ofI and I aloneOh no, oh-ohCHORUSExcuse me for feeling this moment is criticalIt might me feeling it could get physicalOh no, no, noCHORUSRepeated and stretched out with plenty of oooh-ooohs

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