Wednesday, July 25, 2007

her baby's daddy

Way back when my dear husband was just a young college guy he had a roommate named Josh.

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Freddie and Josh lived together in a house with about 4 other guys and their stories from that time together are kind of crazy. There was the time a girl peed in Freddie's laundry basket at one of their parties because she thought it was the toilet and there was the rat that they had that one night carried and entire loaf of bread from the kitchen counter to the other end of the house. From time to time the boys, and their rats entertained houseguests. Josh's two younger brothers, Joel and Benji, stayed with the guys for about a month or two. They had big dreams of one day making it big with their band. The guys laughed about their aspirations and their poppy punk music, but still suppported the little guy's dreams and ocassionally Freddie would play their music for me on his car tape player, until one day he didn't have to because they were already on the radio. Maybe you've heard of them. They call themselves Good Charlotte

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. Joel has really hit the big time since the days he spent sleeping on Freddie's couch. He had a long relationship with sweet Hillary Duff then moved on to Nicole Richie and now they're having a baby.

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What does this have to do with me? I'm glad you asked. No, I don't think we'll be invited to the wedding, but I do think it means that when we have our very own little "ballerina girl" we'll be calling in a favor. Hey, Joel, you better go ahead and let Lionel know to get his ink pen ready, you didn't think you'd get to stay on that couch for free did you? Thanks!

PS-If you're interested in finding out just how he got her pregnant, I found this lovely shot while I was hunting for the others. Oh goodness.

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Joy said...

Wow. That's so cool.

Josh is pretty cute.

Melissa said...

whoa!!!!! that is awesome.

Christy said...

Cool story!!