Thursday, July 12, 2007

there's a hole in the bucket

those internet people are really smart. I am working on uploading some pics for you peops (i know it's peeps, but I prefer my way, it's more authentic) and I went to photobucket to get them coded. I entered the website into the top and when the site popped up it was completely unrecognizable, but sure enough there were places to upload photos, make photo slideshows, etc. I looked and looked and looked and couldn't figure it out. Finally, I realized I'd entered one o in photo. But, sure enough there is a website for phot bucket. Who knew?

Actually that happened to me recently while trying to visit Emily (I could link her, but I'm really a techno idiot). I was in shock and awe when I didn't find her at Sweet Ho Emily. Fortunately, I am not that type of girl and quickly redirected myself.

I wonder if that's why I haven't made it big yet. Everyone has been visiting and learning all about appliances and such.

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