Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I am slowly reading the new Harry Potter. Since it's the last book, I really want to enjoy it. I meant to re-read all of the previous books, or at least watch the movies and read 6 again, but I didn't. We're saving movie 5 for the big screen at the Omnimax this weekend and my books are all packed. So, I just dove in this weekend. I'm ony 150 pages in, but I am starting to realize I need a refresher on a few things. Today I looked up book 6 on Wikipedia to remember what happened. I also decided to click the link to Severus Snape because I couldn't quite remember a crucial plot detail and in the very first paragraph I'm pretty sure I read a spoiler! There was no warning. No update about the date that post was last edited. I tried to pretend that the writing was just poor and made it sound like something happened that really happened to someone else, but I don't think that's true. I scrolled down a bit further to check the headlines and saw that, in fact, it did contain an updated description of the character in the newest book and above that headline was a warning that it contained spoilers about a current work of fiction. Why didn't they put that at the top?!?!

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Melissa said...

oh no!! stupid wikipedia.

i reread 6 because i couldn't remember a SINGLE THING that happened in that book. it's like i had never read it before. i guess i just blew through it too fast to actually retain any of the plot points? or there's something wrong with my brain?