Tuesday, July 10, 2007

There's just something women like about a pick up man

My husband (still so weird) drives a big red truck. It's a chevy silverado and it looks like this guy. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket It's actually just the basic model, but it feels HUGE to me. I call it his monster truck.

Anywho, the other day he got so excited remembering something that would arrive in the mail while he was in Atlanta for work.

him "I renewed my car tags."

me "Wow. That is exciting. You know they just send you a sticker."

him "But you can also change your license plate..."

(I can sense that he is going to drag this out to inspire anticipation)

him "I paid thirty bucks.....they have a special plate for NC Wildlife....

me "that's cool. That money probably went to conservation or something."

him "It has a beach scene....there are only four spaces for letters..."

me "oh my gosh. Did you get a personalized license plate!!"

him (actually he didn't say anything for a while...just lots of grinning) I played around for a long time to see what would work...then guess what actually fit?!

me "what" (at this point I cannot believe that I am married to such a massive dork. It's not just the personalized plate, but the enthusiasm that convinces me. The other thing is, he is generally skilled at hiding his dorkiness in public. It is usually me that tips the world off to our secret identities, but now he has gone and branded himself for the world to see.)

him "well, maybe I'll just wait and let you see"

me "no, you're going to be away. I can't wait that long."

him "you can open it yourself..."

me "no. Because in the mean time I'm going to anticipate what it might say. I'm going to think it's something nice and it won't be."

him "Oh...It doesn't say wife lover or anything. It's about me."

me "Did it say Fred, or bass?...JUST TELL ME!"

him (dragging it out as long as he possibly can) "well, I played with it for a while and (his voice growing louder) what ultimately worked was...FSHN!"

To which I responded by laughing out loud in his face.

him "what is it really not that cool?!"

I quickly ran inside and told Evelyn because I could not believe what I had just married and even better that that car might soon be registered under my name. I told the story to Ev, to which she gave a confused look and said, Fashion?!


I cannot wait for Fred to roll up in his big red monster truck with his license plate that says fashion. Go on Fred, get your fash on!


Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

Oh my Lord that is hysterical. Your husband sounds just too cute :) LOL

Joy said...

hahahaha. too funny.

emily said...

Oh poor guy! I thought Fishin' first, but you're right it could go either way.

My husband has 2 personalized plates. One has the business name (sort of) and I can't remember the other one. I'll ask him.