Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mrs. DaMax!

So, I'm married. Rico Tico, what I am fondly calling my new husband these days, and I were married on the 23rd and we just returned from a lovely vacation to sunny Costa Rica. I sound sexy and sultry today because I only had 4 hours of sleep, but it's all good because tomorrow's Friday. I'd love to say we'll be maxing and relaxing this weekend, but unfortunately, we've got to get about a million things done before my husband goes off to war, err I mean the Atlanta Rug Market, on Wednesday for two to three weeks. I've tried my best not to "list" him while we were away because he apparently would prefer to relax and not think of work or home while we're away, but now we're back so it's time to put the pedal to the medal and buy a mattress.

By the way, my new last name is not DaMax. That is one place in this blog where I've chosen to hide my identity. I'm not trying to be easily searched on Google. I'm actually keeping my whole name and adding my new one to it. The way I see it, I'm not losing any of myself, just adding a bit on. I'm not sure if I'll have two middle names or two last ones, but I have a few weeks, until I can spare several hours to romance the Social Security folks, to decide. It's a much more personal decision than I ever realized. Today at work, I had to change my pager message. I really didn't want to, but realized that I probably should just bite the bullet. For the record, the message is going with two last names to ease the transition. A friend from grad school and her husband changed both of their names into a new (and if you ask me, goofy) new hybrid name. Since then my friends and I have enjoyed exploring the newlywed possibilities. This is our favorite.


Debbie said...

Oh Congratualtions and welcome back!

I know the name thing is tough. We have a tradition in my family that I love. I dropped my middle name and changed it to my maiden name. So now I have both names but it's no quite as confusing as two last names. But I think it's great if you keep both names too, today anything goes as long as you are happy.

Oh and I love love love Costa Rica! We went last year and are planning another trip back for right after the new year...hopefully buying a house but we will see. Also my little sister just got back from her honeymoon there about 2 weeks ago! You guys probably passed each other in the air.

Congratualtions again and welcome back. Keep the pictures coming.


Melissa said...

I added Pete's last name to the end of my name, and now I can't remember if it's officially two middle names or two last names. I'm 94% sure it's two middle names. Yeah.

suburban prep said...

I have two last names. I kept my maiden name and added my hubby's last name to it.

Melissa said...

DaMax is an awesome last name, by the way. It almost sounds like "The Max," which was my favorite afterschool hangout.

Joy said...

It all looks gorgeous! I'm sorry I missed it. I need to see pictures! WE need to see pictures...the public awaits.

Oh, and thanks for the compliment! We do need to get together. It's been months.

tulipmom said...